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Get 6 Months of Plume HomePass for FREE!

HomePass is an intelligent Wi-Fi system that works seamlessly with
Etheric Networks Internet Service

Welcome to Etheric Networks’ Black Friday Extravaganza!

We’re excited to bring you an exclusive offer that you won’t want to miss. Starting from 12:01 AM on Friday, November 23rd, through 11:59 PM on Monday, November 26th, new residential customers who sign up for our blazing-fast internet service will receive a fantastic bonus: 6 Months of Plume for FREE!

Here’s how it works:

Complete the Form Below:

During the Black Friday weekend, simply complete the sign-up form on our website to take advantage of this incredible offer.

Complete the Installation of Internet Service:

This is the perfect opportunity to supercharge your online experience with Etheric Networks. Select the plan that suits your needs and sign up.

That’s It!

Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying high-speed internet like never before, and you’ll also receive 6 months of Plume for free!

Complete the sign-up form below to take advantage of this incredible limited-time Black Friday offer.

Benefits of Plume

Plume is an intelligent Wi-Fi system that works seamlessly with your Etheric Networks internet connection. With Plume, you’ll enjoy:

Whole-Home Coverage

Say goodbye to dead spots in your home or business. Plume’s advanced technology ensures that every corner of your space has a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal.

Parental Controls

Keep your family safe online with robust parental control features. You can manage and monitor your network usage, set content filters, and even pause the internet for specific devices.

Adaptive Wi-Fi

Plume continuously optimizes your Wi-Fi network to ensure you always get the best performance, even when multiple devices are connected.

Easy Setup

Setting up your Plume network is a breeze. It’s user-friendly and can be managed through a convenient app.

Don’t Miss Out!

This Black Friday, take advantage of the fantastic opportunity to enhance your internet experience with Etheric Networks and enjoy 6 months of Plume for FREE! Whether you’re working from home, streaming your favorite shows, or staying connected with friends and family, we’ve got you covered.

Join the Etheric Networks family today and enjoy fast, reliable internet with the added bonus of Plume. This exclusive Black Friday offer is only available from 12:01 AM on Friday, November 23rd, through 11:59 PM on Monday, November 26th. Act fast, because this incredible deal won’t last long!

Don’t miss your chance to revolutionize your internet experience. Sign up now and experience the power of Etheric Networks and Plume!

HomePass™ by Plume

From parental controls to disabling Wi-Fi access for specific devices, manage your network from anywhere with the Plume App.

Wi-Fi that knows the whole family
Who’s playing games? Watching TV? Streaming music? With the ability to keep track of which devices are on your network and how people are using them, you’ll always enjoy peace of mind at home.

Manage your network like a pro
As people and devices come and go in your house, Plume lets you see which devices are accessing the Internet and how much they’re uploading or downloading. You can block and unblock specific devices from accessing the Internet.

Device usage and management
A tap on each device provides insights into the signal strength and bandwidth consumption. You can also see which Plume pod it’s connected to.

Daily insights to fine tune your set up
The Plume app delivers daily reports on your home Wi-Fi signal strength and network activity. Get placement tips that help you fine tune your wireless network based on the ways you’re using it.

Magically simple to set up
Plug Plume in and let the system go to work. Plume recognizes all of your devices, identifies the flow of traffic, and starts to optimize your home network. The Plume app helps you manage the setup with a few quick taps.