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Founded in 2003, Etheric Networks, Inc. provides custom broadband services through a combination of fixed wireless and fiber technologies. Our private dark fiber ring encircles the Bay Area and is the foundation of our redundant microwave and fiber network backbone. Etheric delivers a dedicated, local broadband resource for business and residential customers in the Bay Area. We’ve built our reputation on bringing the Internet to under-served and difficult-to-reach areas.

Etheric serves residential and business customers across 10 counties in the San Francisco Bay Area, including Fortune 100 businesses, construction companies, marinas, local government and HOA communities. Some of Silicon Valley’s most notable residents are Etheric customers.

Etheric’s use of both wireless and fiber allows the company to provide high-speed broadband to customers in urban as well as unserved and underserved areas.

We are building enterprise-class precision-engineered internet that is optimized to minimize pollution and energy use and guarantees meaningful choices to clients. By engineering reliable broadband solutions and deploying them rapidly, using scalable, standards-based technologies, we give our clients a product they love backed by the best service possible.

We invest in our network and are committed to collaborating with our clients to distribute robust and reliable broadband to everyone within our coverage areas. We are problem solvers at heart.

Hybrid Fiber/Fixed Wireless Advantages

A fixed wireless network with a fiber backbone is the best choice for homes and businesses in remote locations that are simply unreachable by other high-speed, low latency connectivity options.

Here are four key fixed wireless advantages that set it apart from other high-speed wireless broadband alternatives:

Faster, Hassle-Free Implementation

This is likely the biggest advantage of fixed wireless technology. Instead of laying down and burying cables and fibers, service providers just need to develop a wireless base station. Any receiver with a clear line of sight to and within a reasonable distance of the base station can connect to the internet. Etheric’s base stations cover the entire Bay Area, check and confirm availability at your address here.

Access in Remote Areas

Fixed wireless internet is available in remote and rural areas, unlike new fiber builds. Its infrastructure doesn’t depend on cables and fibers, so it’s more cost-effective for service providers to expand coverage – particularly to locations with only a handful of users. In the beautiful hills or looking to connect in a marina, we can likely help with that.

High-Speed Connections

Fixed wireless internet speeds are often much faster and offer lower latency than mobile broadband and satellite connections. How fast is fixed wireless internet? Speeds typically range between 25Mbps to 1 Gbps and up depending on your specific needs., Our technology is a viable option for hard-to-reach businesses that lack access to other high-speed, low latency broadband alternatives.

Increased Reliability

Quality fixed wireless engineers know how to work with the terrain and local environmental conditions to design solutions that reduce the chance of weather interference. Your internet connection will remain stable as long as your receiver is in sight of a base station, making fixed wireless technology especially useful for mission-critical business operations.

Symmetric is Better

Our symmetric service, with upload as fast as download, allows you to confidently participate in video calls, even when sending large files or posting photos. For latency-sensitive applications like voice (VoIP), stock trading and gaming, Etheric can give you a competitive edge.

Custom Solutions

Our Bay Area network engineers work with each client to develop a customized solution, providing guidance, advice, and referrals on virtually any broadband network project. Etheric also provides local Pacific coast, 24×7 technical support that can resolve most Level 1 troubleshooting and diagnostics issues remotely.

Global Connectivity

Our Bay Area network of data centers offers connectivity to any point in the world for fiber optic service. Etheric owns and operates its own network infrastructure and maintains peering agreements with all major data carriers, giving your traffic the highest priority traffic routing.

Network Resiliency

The Etheric network is built with fault tolerance as a central design principle. Our Bay Area dark fiber ring is connected to our wireless network for redundancy. If you need Internet connectivity that stays up during cable cuts and disasters that affect large carriers’ networks, Etheric is your answer. Our network is designed to keep you connected.

Emergency Backup and Business Continuity

Etheric can work with you to create an Emergency Backup and Communications Backup plan for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Our Commitment to the Environment

From engineering to operations Etheric Networks is committed to sustainable, ecologically sound internet engineering.

Green Procurement: We prioritize purchasing environmentally-friendly products and materials, such as biodegradable office supplies and energy-efficient equipment.

E-Waste Management: We properly dispose of electronic waste to minimize environmental harm. We strive to repurpose building and support materials whenever possible.

Employee Engagement: We encourage engagement in sustainability initiatives and provide education and resources to help them reduce their own carbon footprint.

Engineering to Minimize Pollution: We continuously analyze our network for pollution inefficiencies, including the carbon footprint of fiber, stray emissions of fixed wireless.

Reducing Power Consumption: Optimizing our fixed wireless infrastructure to use the minimal power level and using beamforming technologies to minimize stray RF emissions as well as collaboration with science based organizations to engineer systems respecting life, in particular insect fertility, which is a key vulnerability facing our Bay Area wildlife.

Data Center Optimization: We’ve worked to minimize energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions. Upgrading to energy-efficient hardware and implementing energy-saving practices like server virtualization and power management.

Coverage Area

Etheric Networks’ fiber ring connecting
fixed wireless towers and eight data centers

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