Etheric Gigabit

Ultra-Fast Business Internet

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Enterprise-level high-speed, low-latency private links

1-20 gigabits symmetric fiber and licensed fixed wireless solutions installed fast and supported locally, 24×7.

Enterprise Gigabit

For the most demanding business applications, rely on Etheric’s exclusive licensed point-to-point and fiber links, with speeds from 1Gbps – 3.2 Terabits per second. Installed fast and supported locally.

Business Model

Perfect for small to medium businesses or dedicated home offices, with guaranteed speeds of up to 50-100 Mbps. Private, symmetrical links offer super-fast uploads and extremely low latency.

Enterprise Gigacell

Short-range high-performance private circuits – ideal for MDUs, office campuses, private communities. Up to 2 Gigabits download and upload (symmetrical). 20 times faster than cable or DSL.

Coverage Area

Etheric Networks’ fiber ring connecting
fixed wireless towers and eight data centers

Connecting the Bay Area Since 2003