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Our Commitment to Tribal Connectivity:

Private LTE and CBRS Bridge the Digital Divide for Tribal Communities

In response to the challenges faced by tribal communities during the Covid-19 pandemic, Etheric Networks took the lead in deploying Private LTE and Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) technology. Our objective is to ensure access to consistent at-home connectivity, addressing the immediate and long term needs of underserved tribal communities.

Understanding Private LTE and CBRS:

Private LTE

Private LTE empowers educational institutions, cities, and tribes to establish private networks, extending internet access to community members


CBRS was once restricted to military use.  However, FCC regulations have now opened it up for commercial use. Schools, communities, or businesses can now access a private LTE network with carrier-class speed, security, range, and capacity. Etheric Networks configures SIM-based routers, ensuring not only Wi-Fi connectivity but also offering a pathway to 5G capability, protection for sensitive data, and customizability to meet community-specific needs. However, FCC regulations have now opened it up for commercial use. Schools, communities, or businesses can now access a private LTE network with carrier-class speed, security, range, and capacity.

Given CBRS’s extensive coverage capabilities, it can provide secure internet connections to students at a reduced cost, delivering speeds comparable to Wi-Fi, all while ensuring compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) through controls and firewall policies.

How does it work?

So, how does this technology operate in practical terms? It’s simple: Alongside a computer, a student would take home a device resembling a router, plug it into any available outlet, and connect to the school’s network as if they were on campus.
This SIM-based router, configured by Etheric Networks, broadcasts Wi-Fi for easy connectivity to consumer devices.

With CBRS user will experience

  • With CBRS, users will experience:
  • A pathway to 5G capability
  • Protection for sensitive data
This technology isn’t confined to distance learning; it has become mainstream as major brands such as Apple, Samsung, and Dell have integrated CBRS technology into their consumer devices. It’s a versatile solution suitable for both remote work and education across the board.

Mobile Cellular Rollover

Beyond internet connectivity, Etheric Networks facilitates mobile cellular service on tribal lands through CBRS networks. This allows tribal communities to benefit from private 5G phone service within reservation coverage, seamlessly rolling over to carrier networks outside the CBRS coverage. With eSIM features from Apple and Google, users can seamlessly switch between private LTE/5G and carrier networks, optimizing cellular plans.

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Benefits to Tribal Community

Bringing private LTE and CBRS to tribal communities yields a multitude of benefits, including:

Here are some specific examples of how private LTE and CBRS are being used to bridge the digital divide in tribal communities.

*The examples below are not Etheric projects

The Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation provides broadband access to its 250,000 residents.

The Choctaw Nation

The Choctaw Nation enhances business and job creation through CBRS-powered Wi-Fi.

The Lummi Nation

The Lummi Nation supports a telehealth program with private LTE.

The Confederated Tribes

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation facilitates distance learning through CBRS.

In essence, Etheric Networks is not just a technology provider but a trusted partner dedicated to ensuring that tribal communities thrive in the digital era. Together, we navigate the digital landscape, creating solutions that uplift communities and empower them to access the same opportunities as any other.

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