Fiber Through the Air

Serving California since 2003

MegaWAN Broadband for Business

Private High-Speed Broadband

Speeds up to 10 Mbps for remote/rural access

  • Fast installation
  • 24/hr tech support
  • Secure, private network
  • Primary or backup service
  • Starting at $99/mo

Faster than fiber, reliable, LOCAL internet service

Serving California since 2003

Fiber Through the Air

Cut the cord! 

Upgrade to powerful, next-generation wireless technology.

3 steps to better internet:

Private Fiber Backbone

Private Bay Area fiber provides unmatched security with precision engineered low-latency hops.

Reliable Wireless Towers

Wireless towers with 48 hour emergency backup power connect the fiber ring to your location.

A Connection you can trust

We work with goverment, communities, and private entities to deliver gigabit speeds where legacy providers can’t.