Glydways, Inc.

“I am so impressed with Etheric Networks. Our testing grounds require rock solid internet and low latency. Our existing provider could not keep up with our bandwidth needs, and the service was becoming unreliable. We didn’t know where to turn! The way Etheric responded to our call for help told me that this is the kind of project they like best. To learn that they could deliver a super fast, low latency FCC licensed link in just days was such a relief. I can’t thank Etheric enough for solving so many problems so quickly! ”

Lynn Tao, Commercial Programs Director

Evolution Consulting

“The Etheric EVPL has worked great, with no downtime since installation. My client is very satisfied, and I would not hesitate to recommend this kind of solution again. I’ve always counted on Etheric to bring internet to hard-to-reach places and appreciated that they already had access points on both of the towers my client needed to connect. Installation was so easy and quick – pretty refreshing after what we’d been through. Thanks, Etheric, you saved the day!”

Barry Silberstein, President & CEO

Far West Fungi

“Etheric came through for us! After suffering with slow DSL for years, we now have fast, reliable broadband that makes every day easier. No more lag time or repeated actions means happier employees and more confident management. We are looking forward to adding more smart agriculture tools like sensors and monitors. Etheric stands behind what they build and will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get exactly what you need. All of our offices now work together seamlessly, and we couldn’t be happier with the service.”

Kyle Garrone, Production Manager

Far West Fungi Logo


“The circuit has performed just as we expected and there have been no problems using it. I would recommend Etheric as a supplier to my peers looking for connectivity solutions.”

Frank Spiridigliozzi, IT Director

Redwood Electric

“Redwood Electric Group has been using Etheric Networks for years now. Their customer service has been great.  They are quick to respond to check out the job sites and the equipment arrives quickly and the coordination with the tech has always been efficient. The internet speed is working great for our foremen and as to date, we haven’t had any issues with their service. We recommend Etheric Networks for other construction job site projects.”

Patty Billings

Redwood Electric

JE Dunn Construction

“We really appreciate Etheric’s attention and effort. My job is 85% coordinating with ISPs to get service to our job sites, and Etheric is hands down the easiest to work with. I appreciate their communication and the way they keep it simple while staying on top of every step of the way. They do so much to make sure everything is in order so that we’re ready to hit the ground running on our sites.”

Justin Morgan, Site Systems Analyst

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