What can you do with a Gigacell Broadband™ Network?

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We have Gigacell hubs all over the San Francisco Bay area. Fill out the form and get connected to High-Speed Wireless Internet.

Be your own ISP

Building managers benefit from a Gigacell Community Network that earns revenue, and provides residents reliable Internet with upgrade options they can purchase without getting you involved. New construction with Fixed Wireless costs less than legacy cable connections. We don’t need to run miles of expensive cable to connect your building.

Launch a Network – Pay less

Be a Pioneer, get connected for less…even free. We’ll build a Gigacell Network anywhere we reach that has at least 10 clients ready to sign up. Contact us for details and we’ll send you what you need to make it happen. If you are one of the millions in an underserved area, we are here to help. The more neighbors you sign up, the less your connection costs.

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What’s a Gigacell?

It’s an engineers name for a private Internet circuit or hub with bandwidth from 100Mbps to 10Gbps used as the primary connection, back-haul or backup solution for business, multi-tenant units, and household communities.  New construction and multi-tenant units benefit from lower costs and a turnkey solution for residents.

Gigacell™ Speeds

The CIR (guaranteed) and MIR (max throughput) of a Gigacell Circuit. Contact us for more information about setting up your own Gigacell network today.