Internet Solution for Fast-Growing Brisbane company

IT and Cloud Service Provider Relies on Etheric Networks High-Speed Internet Service to Provide a Seamless Client Experience. Jones was tasked to find an Internet Service Provider that could deliver high bandwidth and reliable, fast speeds for an office of 50 employees.


Client Achieves Speeds up to 150 Mbps in Underserved area

IT Jones is an IT Consultant and Network service provider based in San Francisco, CA. In business for over a decade, the company currently employs a staff of 17 and services more than a dozen small and medium-sized businesses across various industries.

With a highly dedicated and knowledgeable staff, Jones provides their clients with the resources they need to get their IT services up and their businesses running profitably.

Limited Availability Hinders Client’s Productivity in Underserved Location

With a pressing need for higher throughput and greater reliability, their client’s new location in Brisbane posed a problem with limited options for high bandwidth. They relocated out of the high-priced San Francisco area to cut costs and needed more space.

Additionally, they also had a growing need for employees to service multiple clients simultaneously and needed an Internet Service Provider that could deliver reliable, fast speeds that would meet their business requirements. With limited options in an underserved area, Jones was tasked to find an Internet Service Provider that could provide reliable, fast speeds for an office of 50 employees.

Increased Efficiency and Improved Client Experience

After researching many service providers, Jones chose Etheric Networks to provide Internet service to its client because of its reliability, speeds capabilities, and expanded footprint in underserved locations.

To date, the wireless solution designed by Etheric Networks with its Next Generation radios has proven to be an extremely reliable with high-performance. Etheric installed a 100/150 Mbps Business Internet connection at the customer’s site, providing a tenfold increase in speed, which improved daily operations almost immediately.

Employees now enjoy reliable faster speeds and more capacity, which makes it easier to communicate internally, and externally with IT Jones solutions. It also gives Jones the ability to consistently and seamlessly access their clients’ servers and devices remotely to provide managed IT services and emergency support.

“We researched options from dozens of providers, and Etheric Networks was not just the best service provider we found who could deliver a service that met our minimum requirements, they were the only provider.

Bandwidth in Brisbane is scarce and investing in Etheric Networks to bolster their offerings in the area will attract more and more businesses to the area, concluded Jones.”

Evan Jones

CEO, Founder, Jones IT


The most critical requirement was a secure, high-speed, high-capacity Internet solution. The collaboration was the final criteria for selecting a provider as the client had recently moved office site. Limited speed and scalability inhibit communication and ability to run a business of 50 employees.


Deployed Etheric's Next Generation technology radios. secure and redundant Dedicated Internet Access, focused project management, technical and service support to accommodate a quick turn-around schedule.


Reliable 100/150 Mbps Business Internet service, flexible and robust solution, secure and redundant service, and meet stringent requirements of customers, 99.999 percent reliability for the past year.