Etheric NeighborNet

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Etheric is dedicated to bringing fiber-based internet to your neighborhood. We are excited to introduce Etheric NeighborNet Homes, which are selected Etheric customers interested in helping expand our internet service in their communities.

An Etheric NeighborNet Home is a single-family residence that has the capacity to house equipment for distributing Etheric Internet service to nearby homes. By participating in this program, Etheric NeighborNet Homes receive complimentary Etheric Internet service with faster speeds than other homes, as well as concierge-level support.

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If your residence meets our criteria, you have the opportunity to become an Etheric NeighborNet Home and enjoy complimentary in-home service.

Experience lightning-fast download speeds of up to 500+ Mbps and impressive upload speeds of up to 200+ Mbps! With no data caps, you can stream your favorite content without any limitations. Rest assured that your privacy is safeguarded as we commit to not selling or sharing your personal information or browsing data. Our top-notch, 5-star tech support is readily available whenever you need assistance. By becoming part of our service, you’ll have the satisfaction of contributing to the improvement of internet access in your neighborhood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Etheric provide Internet service?

Etheric delivers high-speed internet to your home or business through reliable fixed wireless technology. By installing a small device on your roof, you can connect wirelessly to our high-speed, fiber-sourced internet. With a clear fixed signal path, we utilize cost-effective frequency bands instead of congested cellular bands. This innovative approach enables us to offer blazing-fast speeds of up to 400 Mbps downloads for single-family homes and gigabit speeds for condos and apartments, all at an affordable, flat monthly rate.

What is an Etheric NeighborNet Home?

Etheric NeiighborNet Homes are homeowners who host a small antenna on their roofs to expand the Etheric network. In return, they receive complimentary internet service and priority tech support. Additionally, Etheric NeighborNet Homes enjoy faster speeds compared to their neighbors. There are no installation costs or fees for becoming an Etheric NeighborNet Home.

Can anyone become an Etheric NeighborNet Home?

We evaluate potential Etheric NeighborNet Homes based on certain criteria, including:

  • Having a 2-story or higher home
  • Clear visibility of 100+ other homes in your neighborhood from your roof

Additional engineering criteria may apply

  • If your home meets our Etheric NeighborNet Home qualifications, we will contact you with further instructions.
  • Will there be a direct fiber connection?

Etheric Internet focuses on providing high-speed internet over the “last mile,” an area often overlooked by larger companies. While we don’t rely on a single technology or method, there is potential for future Etheric NeighborNet Homes to enjoy a direct fiber connection.

Is there a contract?

For our Etheric NeighborNet Home partners, we require an agreement. As Etheric NeighborNet Homes play a vital role in delivering internet connections to entire neighborhoods, we need assurance that the equipment will be hosted for a minimum of 3 years.

What will Etheric install?

Our licensed and insured technicians will install:

  • Small, low-power wireless devices on your rooftop
  • An outdoor service box connected to your AC power
  • A robust WiFi router inside your home
Does Etheric use satellites or cell towers?

No, Etheric does not rely on satellites that offer slow and sluggish performance, nor do we transmit from high-power cell towers using frequencies that struggle to penetrate buildings.

How long does the installation take?

Installing the equipment for an Etheric NeighborNet Home typically takes a few days over a two-week period, which differs from residential installations which typically take a few hours.

How much power is involved?

Etheric technology operates similarly to WiFi, with wireless signal levels comparable to smartphones or WiFi home routers. We use directional antennas to focus wireless signals precisely where intended. The Etheric equipment consumes less than 100 Watts, similar to a single light bulb, and emits a lower wireless signal than your mobile phone.

Do I need to worry about EM radiation (EMF radiation)?

No need to worry. All equipment used by Etheric Internet complies with FCC regulations and relevant standards regarding electromagnetic radiation. In fact, our wireless connections result in radiation levels significantly lower than many household electronic devices.

What if I live in an HOA?

We collaborate with HOA management to determine the best approach for serving an entire HOA. If you’re interested in becoming the Etheric NeighborNet Home for your HOA, we recommend reaching out to us and introducing us to your HOA management, allowing us to work together towards the optimal solution.

Is the connection secure and private?

Etheric employs advanced encryption technology to protect the privacy of your wirelessly transmitted data. Additionally, we do not sell or share your information or browsing history.