Etheric Technology Update April 2023

Etheric Bay Area MPLS Dark Fiber Ring Completion

Etheric is pleased to announce that we have completed the build-out of our San Francisco Bay Area data center, it is MPLS enabled, with a fiber backbone ring. This involved replacing key routing equipment in our legacy data centers and deploying additional equipment to four new data centers to complete our dark fiber ring. We now offer enterprise-level transit and transport services from within the following data centers:

Digital Realty OAK10 – Oakland Cyxtera SFO3-A – Sunnyvale
Digital Realty SFR1 – San Francisco Evocative SJC3 – Santa Clara
Digital Realty SFR2 – San Francisco Equinix SV1 – San Jose
Equinix SV8 – Palo Alto Hurricane Electric Fremont #2 – Fremont

In addition to our data centers, to strengthen our ability to deliver fast, reliable service to wireless-based customers, we are continuing to build out fiber and microwave backhaul paths to key buildings and wireless towers, expanding our MPLS-enabled service delivery footprint.

New Offerings! Advanced Network Services

With our new data center capacity, we are adding or expanding services to our portfolio:

    • High-speed internet inside the data centers
      • Direct Cross Connect
      • Static IPs
      • BGP peering
    • EVPN Service
      • MPLS based L2 and/or L3 transport
      • Endpoints available anywhere on our network (data center, wireless, wired)
    • SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking)
      • Application-aware routing
      • Backup circuit failover
      • Load balancing
    • VOIP Service
      • Residential
      • Business

Custom Network Engineering Solutions

Etheric’s highly skilled engineering services team utilizes our core skills to help our customers and community better use network technology. Examples include working with the Mount Madonna Center to optimize their network services over multiple paths, to building network infrastructure for several California native tribes. We can also help businesses improve their Internet network performance and reliability using services such as Etheric SD-WAN. If you have a network engineering scenario you would like us to evaluate contact us.

Etheric Distinguished Department Award!

Etheric is grateful for our Field Engineering team and all the people in the company that support them logistically! Although we did have issues with 3 or 4 of our sites maintaining backup power throughout the many outages that have occurred to the grid during this historic rainy winter, we have to commend them for working night and day 7 x 24 refueling, recharging and in many cases having to walk in the last mile or two to the rural sites. A big “Thank you” to them for their hard work and to you, our customers for your patience.


Etheric Investment in Tower Network Backup Systems

The winter rain and storms have broken a lot of records. We are responding by hardening our network. The number of mobile generators is being increased and as part of our long-term plan and urgent need, we are also increasing battery capacity and adding the latest lithium battery technology to our towers.


Etheric Increases Capacity to Customers on its Current “G6” Network

Etheric continues to qualify more of our network for higher speed service plans – Our new plans for our toughest-to-reach customers offer max speeds of from 25 to 200 megabits. Up to 10 times faster on upload than ATT or Xfinity*.

If you would like someone to contact you to discuss possible upgrades click here.

Next Generation Fixed Wireless Service

Etheric is deploying licensed/coordinated fixed wireless capable of near gigabit speeds in limited markets:

Watsonville San Juan Bautista Los Gatos

In addition, Etheric is deploying the now mature next-generation Massive Mimo “G8” Internet Service, which is also a near gigabit technology over the next 3 quarters.


Coming Soon: Plume – Residential Network Monitoring and Management

We will be launching this network monitoring and management service in the coming weeks. Plume is a service that empowers you to control and manage your home WiFi. The services include; Adapt, Control, Guard, and Sense.

Plume delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room. Plume continuously learns from your use and performs self-optimizations to keep things running smoothly.

With HomePass by Plume, you’re in charge, create user profiles for each family member and assign their devices to them. A bird’s eye view lets you see which devices are being used and when. Set up time-outs and device freezes on an individual level or across the whole network for planned time together offline.

You can set age-appropriate content filters and block or approve specific websites. Schedule internet time or device-specific freezes to create healthy levels of usage, or give an instant time out to all devices assigned to your children.

Sense uses the Plume SuperPods and the WiFi-connected devices in your home to detect motion. It is a smart motion detection system that keeps you informed:

        • Alert you when people come and go from your home
        • Detect motion in areas where cameras might not be wanted (bedrooms and bathrooms)
        • Notify you when unexpected movement occurs in your home

Fiber Community Build

Etheric is bringing gigabit connections to multi-tenant buildings using both fixed wireless and fiber approaches. An Etheric Sales Executive can help you with a custom quote for your project. Click here to get more information. Our most recent fiber multi-tenant building is the windmill market in San Juan Bautista!


Etheric Maritime and Regional Expansions

Etheric has several navy personnel, so it is with both enjoyment and expertise that our team deploys to maritime environments, most recently at Pier 39 in San Francisco and the Emeryville Marinas.

Etheric’s near gigabit fixed wireless service will be deploying in Salinas California and surrounding communities in the next 2 quarters. We also have network expansion plans for several Northern and Central California counties that will be announced in the next three to six months!


Did you know?: Etheric is faster on upload than Xfinity or AT&T!* Etheric’s service is symmetric (roughly the same upload speed as download) – for symmetric applications and uploads Etheric vastly outperforms them! Behind the scenes Etheric is constantly improving our software people and systems. We will update you as new services and features become available!

* Based on Etheric testing performed in March of 2023.