The internet is a way of life and not just a matter of convenience; it is something everyone wants.

We use the internet for everything from connecting with friends, family, school to running a business. But in an era when accessing the internet is essential to jobs and global competitiveness, it is no surprise that millions of households still have no internet. For rural residents, unreliable internet it is just a way of life.

Often, companies claim that there aren’t enough customers per mile to make it worthwhile for fiber, DSL or cable companies to run their infrastructure to rural areas. They expect more density per mile or they won’t build out. It becomes very expensive leaving underserved areas with limited options.

Typical Challenges

Some problems put connectivity to the test; natural and artificial obstacles such as foliage and terrain present significant communications challenges for customers in underserved areas.

If you’re higher up on the mountain, away from the city, the more likely it is that the service is nonexistent or inadequate. With Wireless Internet, there is no need for underground copper, fiber, or other forms of commercial cabling. Wireless internet has emerged as the leader to get broadband into rural areas.

How are we solving this problem?

We’re coming to you. We know there are underserved areas in our community and we want to bring the internet to areas that otherwise can’t get any service at all. With Fixed Wireless internet you get high-speed Internet access with connections to service providers that use radio signals and not cables.

Fixed wireless broadband utilizes transmission towers (ground stations) that communicate with each other and with the subscriber’s location. From there we install equipment to homes to connect our towers.

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