New dedicated broadband network and data center addresses the rising demand for reliable connections for schools, small businesses, and home-based workers and learners.

Aerial View of San Juan Bautista

SAN MATEO, Calif. – June 13, 2022 – Etheric Networks, a leading provider of fiber + wireless internet service in the Bay Area, today announced that its newest project in San Juan Bautista is nearing completion. This expansion brings significant new internet options to hundreds of businesses and homes in town, with planned expansion into nearby farms and communities. For more information, please visit

Earlier this year Etheric opened a data center at the Windmill Market complex that provides the fiber backbone for the network. Bandwidth will be distributed to customers via radio dish arrays mounted to the city water tank. Phase 1 of the network will provide service to all of downtown San Juan Bautista, with delivery starting in July.

Many pandemic-related lifestyle changes have become permanent, particularly working and learning from home, making access to reliable internet an even more critical part of our infrastructure. Today’s news furthers Etheric’s mission to provide high-quality internet to underserved areas to meet today’s (and tomorrow’s) needs for reliable connectivity.

About Etheric Fiber + Wireless Internet

  • Etheric goes where DSL and cable can’t – Fiber + wireless networks deliver Gigabit speeds via radio waves transmitted to an antenna located on the exterior of a home or business – no trenching is required.
  • One high-speed connection can serve an entire building – Apartments and multi-tenant businesses can share service to reduce cost.
  • Scalable to meet the needs of rural communities – With the ever-improving power and range of today’s technology, service can be delivered to remote communities where fiber doesn’t make sense economically or ecologically.
San Juan Bautista City Hll
San Juan Bautista City Hall

Don Reynolds, San Juan Bautista City Manager, said: “We were pleased to work with Etheric, who had a vision for bringing 21st century connectivity to our historic town, without adding unsightly towers or digging up our streets. Having our own fiber backbone and dedicated data center will not only serve the existing community, but also attract more opportunities to our city.”

Alexander Hagen, CEO, Etheric Networks, said: “Etheric was founded to deliver capabilities and speeds that the large providers haven’t yet achieved, and we are committed to exploring new ways to provide cutting edge, next-generation services to our community using an energy-efficient, green approach. The service we are bringing to San Juan Bautista is multi-gigabit, backed by our own dark fiber with direct peering connections to all premium Silicon Valley content delivery networks such as Apple, Netflix, Google, and Yahoo.”

About Etheric Networks

Etheric Networks is a leading internet service provider dedicated to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity for business, government and residential clients. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Etheric spans the greater Bay Area, using a wholly-owned fiber backbone and licensed broadband fixed wireless towers.