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Etheric Networks Lights Up San Juan Bautista

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See what customers in San Juan Bautista are saying about Etheric’s High-Speed Internet Service

“I’ve worked in Silicon Valley and know what fast internet is like. When I retired, I really missed it! Hearing what Etheric could do for me was as exciting as getting a T1 line back in the day. The symmetrical speeds handle the huge zoom meetings I attend, as well as all the other devices in our house. My experience has been great, and it’s sure nice to work with an independent local company that cares about me.”

John Freeman

“As a lifelong San Juan Bautista resident and entrepreneur, I am so glad to have this level of service in our city, and would highly recommend Etheric to anyone looking for better internet connectivity.” 

Patricia Yamada

“As long as I’ve lived in San Juan Bautista, we’ve had slow internet. During the pandemic it was a nightmare, with two adults and a teen competing for internet time and data. Getting Etheric provided immediate relief – no dropped zoom calls, no overage charges and all the speed we need for our devices. Even our teenager was impressed. We couldn’t be happier!”

Cecilia Kosmicki

“After years of going to the Windmill Market parking lot to attend online meetings, getting gig service to our home is amazing. Two computers, two iPads, two phones and multiple other devices can now run all at the same time. That would have destroyed what we had before! We just want to tell everyone who has a challenge getting good internet to try Etheric.”

Kent Sherman

Serving Northern California Since 2003

Mission San Juan Bautista

About Etheric Fiber + Wireless Internet

Etheric goes where DSL and cable can’t
Fiber + wireless networks deliver Gigabit speeds via radio waves – no trenching required.

One high-speed connection can serve an entire building
Apartments and multi-tenant businesses can share service to reduce cost. If you own or manage a building and would like to provide tenant services, please check the “Building Owner” box on the service inquiry form.

Scalable to meet the needs of rural communities
Fiber + wireless service can be delivered to remote communities where fiber to the home doesn’t make sense economically or ecologically.

Gigabit Patch Bay

Why Switch to Etheric

  • Ultra-fast private network connected to a dark fiber backbone
  • Symmetric service (same speed up & down) with very low latency
  • Flexible plans with speeds from 150 to 1,000+ Mbps start at $59 per month
  • Gigabit service available to residential customers for only $139/mo**
  • Dedicated local data center provides direct peering to premium content providers
  • Back-up power keeps the network running during power outages

**The first 30 customers to sign up for gigabit service will get their first 3 months free!