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Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be top of mind and we’ve been actively monitoring updates from the CDC, state, and county to help us manage through this rapidly evolving situation. 

How this affects you

Existing customers who want to upgrade service should contact us directly via and we will do our best to deliver the service you need as soon as possible. Please understand that your connection is unique. Not all connections can be upgraded immediately or remotely. We understand that you need a reliable connection with increased speed. We will do everything we can to deliver that as quickly as possible. 

Data caps and limits

We don’t enforce data caps. We provide unlimited data* to all Etheric clients.

*Traffic engineering is done per access point to allow for allocation of available capacity during times of congestion. Without traffic engineered data limits everyone gets poor service during congestion. Put simply, there is a speed limit… but not a total mileage limit.

Data caps = total mileage limit 

Data limits = speed limit 

Changes to service calls and new installs

To protect you and our field techs, we have made some changes in how they will interact with you. Etheric field techs will wear N-95 masks and cannot physically interact with anyone on site. Unfortunately, this includes handshakes and high-fives. Techs will maintain a 6-foot distance between themselves and anyone they have to talk with on site. We prefer that conversations happen via phone as much as possible. 

Based on the most recent guidance from San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, and in an abundance of caution, all Etheric Networks employees who can work from home, will do so as long as necessary. 

Please stay safe,

Etheric Networks