Etheric Technology and Service Updates

Happy New Year from all of us at Etheric! One of my jobs as CEO is to look ahead and plan the future of our network. Here’s a look at what’s cooking for 2022.

CBRS Long Range Fixed Wireless Services

Affordable 100 megabit+ symmetric service in San Benito and Monterey Counties. Etheric has acquired licensed spectrum in these two counties and will be rolling out services capable of achieving 100 megabits and greater at long range. We also acquired licenses for Inyo, Mono, Modoc and Siskiyou Counties.

G10 of our long range fixed wireless network 

We will be rolling out our first “G10” wireless service which is a leapfrog in technology. It allows 3 times the number of customers per access point, at speeds of greater than 100 mbps upload and download. Stay tuned for announcements of where we will be deploying this.

Expansion of our Fiber Ring

We have completed our fiber data center lighting at the pre-eminent data center in San Francisco. We have also completed our fiber data center at San Juan Bautista. We are on track to bring 100 megabit and greater symmetric service from San Juan Bautista in Q1.

Short Range Full Gigabit Base Stations “Gigacell 2.0”

This year these gigabit services have matured, and we are deploying Gigacell 2.0. Back in 2018, some of you may recall our first gigabit wireless systems that could be affordable for regular consumers were launched, the GigaCell. These Gigacells were very short range (a quarter mile from our base station or so.) The Gigacell 2.0 will reach 1 mile or greater, substantially increasing its viability.

High Availability Solutions

We continue to offer dual path solutions to businesses and Home Office customers. We have upgraded some of our core routers to the most advanced routers in the market, and are continuing to upgrade all the core routers. We are also increasing battery at our cellular base stations and evaluating adding wind turbines for power generation during periods of cloudy, rainy or night weather.

Network Design Services

For campus networks, city networks and data center “Cloud” networks, Etheric can help you design large scale networks. We have been told that our network designs are some of the best in the industry, and are currently working with some local municipalities to realize next-generation networks to assist schools and cities to have enough bandwidth during these times where internet connectivity is increasingly vital.

Alexander Hagen, Founder & CEO

“We work hard for the next generation,
We work hard for the current generation,
And we must work hard for the previous generation”

– From my previous life at NTT DoCoMo